Recycled Cardboard

Recycle in Nacogdoches, TX

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Aluminum Cans

accepted at Godtel Ministries to help raise funds to support their programs. Rinse and dry cans. Crushing is acceptable, but not required.


Household We do not currently know of an option for recycling household batteries in Nacogdoches. They may be placed in your normal household waste stream. Please email if you are aware of a recycling option or would like to partner with Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful to bring this option to Nacogdoches. Rechargable Power tool & lawn mower batteries (rechargeable) are accepted and recycled by Lowe's.

Car Car Batteries may be taken to a battery retailer such as auto part stores or Walmart.

Florescent Lamps

Lowe’s accepts CFL light bulbs


**DUE TO COVID-19 GLASS COLLECTION HAS BEEN TEMPORILY SUSPENDED** Glass may be taken to the recycling area located behind the C.L. Simon Recreation Center, 1112 North St. Glass recycling in Nacogdoches is a volunteer operated program run by C&R Kutt Glass, a non profit that also repurposes nonrecycable glass items into art for resale with proceeds benefiting glass recycling costs. Volunteers are welcome to help sort glass recycling behind the C.L. Simon Recreation Center on Monday and Friday, 8:30am(summer) and 4:30pm(winter). Contact Steve Chisim with C&R Kutt Bottles for more information.

Building Materials

Habitat for Humanity ReStore accepts building materials for recycling.


Hospice of East Texas Resale Shop The Hospice Resale Shop partners with the Christian Men and Women's Job Corps to assist program participants in aquiring professional appreal for employment seeking opportunities.
Family Crisis Center Thrift Store
Precious Cycle


There is currently not an option to recycle mattresses in Nacogdoches. If mattress is in good condition, online sales and donation groups on Facebook may be used to offer the mattress for free to a new home.

Ink Cartridges

Cartridge World offers a refill. Christ Episcopal School accepts ink cartridges to support fundraising efforts.


The Habitat for Humanity ReStore accepts a variety of metal items for recycling, including steel cans, soda cans,
pipe, fencing, bed rails, wire, broken tools, rusted pots and pans, broken fixtures, barrels, broken exercise equipment, broken appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, small appliances, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, as well as most other metals.

Motor Oil

Recyclable motor oil must be pure motor oil with no other types of oil combined. Drain the oil into a clean container and take to one of the used-oil locations listed below.

Central Drop-off Point at the Landfill
4602 NW Stallings Dr, Loop 224 -Westward Dr. Exit
Mon– Sat 8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m.

Fire Station # 3
408 SW Stallings Dr., Loop 224 & Old Lufkin Rd.
7 Days a week—24 Hours a day

Fire Station # 4, adjacent to the high school

Walmart Tires and Auto Parts
4810 North St, Nacogdoches, TX 75965
inside Walmart Supercenter

Plastic Grocery Bags

Find recycling containers near the front entrance of most grocery stores.

Stryofoam Packing Pellet

Kline's Wrap-It-Up Store, 628 N. University Dr., accepts packing pellets.

Toys, Gently Used

The Physical Therapy Department at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital accepts new or gently used toys, including puzzles and plastic toys. Toys are used during pediatric therapy sessions. Toys with batting or fur, like stuffed animals, are not accepted.


Donate Your Vehicles: The Keep America Beautiful Vehicle Donation Program, through Insurance Auto Auctions’ Donation Division, provides an alternate opportunity for you to donate to Keep America Beautiful. It offers a tax-deductible way to dispose of unwanted vehicles in almost any condition, including cars, trucks, boats, tractors, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, jet skis, RVs as well as construction, farm and other heavy equipment. The program is available in all 50 states. Please let Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful know when you donate a car – we will receive a portion of the donation. Learn more and donate.

Yard Waste

Brush and lawn debris may be taken to the City landfill at no cost with a City water bill. Yard waste may be reused. Leave grass clippings on the lawn and allow them to work their way back into the soil for a greener lawn. Another option is to develop a compost pile. For more information, check with the Nacogdoches Master Gardeners and the County Extension Agency.


Techcycle Saturday Our technology recycling program has been streamlined to provide a more sustainable, volunteer based technology recycling option to the Nacogdoches community. Anyone is welcome to volunteer. Techcycle Saturday is the perfect volunteer opportunity for large groups. Accepted items: Computers (towers, monitors and laptops), hard drives, printers, cables, mice, keyboards, flat screen TVs 36 inches or smaller, DVD/VCR players, projectors, radios, telephones, cell phones, networking equipment/routers, copiers, fax machines, cords/wires, ink and toner cartridges. Items not accepted: box TVs, flat screen TVs larger than 36 inches, major appliances (i.e. washers, dryers, refrigerators etc.), cameras, small household appliances (blenders, toasters, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, etc.) Pineywoods Computer Accepted items: Computers (towers, monitors, and laptops), tablets, cell phones, printers.


Cardboard may be recycled behind the C. L. Simon Recreation Center, 1112 North St., or at the city landfill, 4602 NW Stallings Dr. Flatten boxes if possible.


There is currently not a no-cost option to recycle plaper in Nacogdoches.


There is currently not a no-cost option to recycle plastic in Nacogdoches.



4602 NW Stallings Dr, Loop 224 & Westward Drive Exit

Hours of operation: 

Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 


City of Nacogdoches Residents: With presentation of a residential City of Nacogdoches water bill, residents of the City of Nacogdoches may dispose of one pick-up load of trash, per month, at the city landfill. Residents also receive unlimited disposal of brush and debris at no cost (also with presentation of residential city water bill). A fee of $13.44 will be charged per additional truck load.

Nacogdoches County Residents, outside city limits: Residents of Nacogdoches County may dispose of items at the landfill for $26.78 per truck load with proof of residence within the county.

The landfill does not accept batteries or paint as a liquid. You may mix paint with kitty litter, dirt, or sawdust and leave open to dry. Once it is dry, it will be accepted. Appliances or tires may be dumped at the landfill for a fee.



Public Works, 559-2583

Cary Walker, manager

To initialize service: When signing up for water service you will be given a phone number to call to request a trash container. The container will be delivered to your home or business.

If your trash container is damaged or stolen, notify the Public Works office at the above phone number. City personnel will file a report and deliver a replacement container. 


For any service issues or questions, contact the Public Works office at the number above.