Glitter is Litter

Graduation season is here, and so is the inevitable invasion of glitter on Stephen F. Austin State University's campus. It seems like every where I walk, there's glitter, plastic confetti, or tissue paper scattered on the ground.

I'm sure you've seen the photos of blowing glitter or popping confetti cannons in celebration of graduation. As cute as these photos are, we should refrain from taking them.

Glitter is essentially tiny bits of plastic. It is too small to be recycled and even too small to be cleaned up properly. These bits of plastic can be eaten by small creatures like birds or squirrels. Glitter is not biodegradable, but will break down into smaller fragments while releasing chemicals into the ground.

Your photos might be cute in the moment, but they have lasting repurcutions to the environment. However, the cute blowing and tossing photos don't have to die out! There are plenty of alternitaves to confetti and glitter that are biodegradable and less harmful to the environment:

-Lavender- bonus, it's purple!

-Dried petals (you can easily find these on Etsy)


-Leaves- punch holes in leaves and you have instant biodegradable confetti

Glitter is litter. If you do take photos with glitter or confetti, be kind and courteous and bring a broom to pick up after yourself. Let's all try to Keep Nac Beautiful this graduation season.

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