Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin


How do I recycle paperboard, or white cardboard food boxes?

Recycle paperboard as cardboard.

Can I recycle electronics?

Yes! Here's how: 1. Recycle technology related items with Keep Nacog Beautiful at a Techcycle event. 2. Pineywoods Computer Repair will also accept some small tech related electronics for recycling.

How do I recycle my TV?

There is currently not an option to recycle large box TV's in Nacogdoches. Flat screen TVs under 52" accepted for recycling during Keep Nac Beautiful TechCycle.

Where can I take plastic shopping bags to be recycled?

Kroger and Walmart have bins at the entrance of their stores to place plastic shopping bags in to be recycled. They can not be recycled curbside or in the bins behind the library.