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Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful partners with the East Texas Jeep Club to conduct the 2017 Litter Index for Nacogdoches County.

Nacogdoches – Be our Valentine!


Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful kicks off the 2017 Nacogdoches County Litter Index on February 14, 2017, just in time for Valentine's Day.


A litter index is a tool designed by Keep America Beautiful to visually assess the overall ​

​appearance of communities through indicators along roadways, such as litter and illegal dumping. The Nacogdoches County Litter Index is assessed by evaluating different areas in our community, including four long routes throughout the county and ten short routes within the city of Nacogdoches. The 2016 Litter Index for Nacogdoches County rated 1.58.


This year, KNB will partner with the East Texas Jeep Club to conduct the visual analysis using a scoring system ranging from 1 to 4, with “1” being the best to “4” being the worst.​